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Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. Balance, detail, and variety are of paramount significance to Thai chefs. Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge. It is known for its complex interplay of at least three to five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy. Thai food demonstrates intricacy; attention to detail; texture; colour; taste; and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits and good flavour, as well as care being given to the food's appearance, smell and context. Coconut Island is a small island in the south-west area of Thailand. Its beauty is unrivalled and as a result, is a host to many resorts and tourists from all over the world. Because of its global nature, the chefs are influenced by Thai recipes throughout Thailand, but enjoy the specific use of coconuts in their recipes that are so abundant in this area. We hope you will enjoy the symphony of flavours and dishes that we are so proud to make fresh for you with passion, each day.


Family-run, authentic, chef-prepared, quality Thai meals

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